floral floating frames

Our Process

1. Sort & Press

The first step in preserving flowers is to sort by type. Each flower or greenery has different moisture levels and thickness which all play a role in how they press. Once we have sorted the flowers, they are pressed in books or our home-made presses. This process typically takes 4-6 weeks.

It is important to start pressing the flowers before they begin to wilt or brown, so make sure you book ahead of time so we can make room in our presses for your flowers!

2. Protect & Re-Create

Once the flowers have dried out and been pressed, we take them out and spray them with our UV Protection spray. This protects the flowers from any natural light they are exposed to. Keep in mind the flowers may change color during the pressing stage as they dry out. We take extra precautions to preserve or recreate the original color. Next we piece the individual petals, leaves, and flowers back together to mimic your original bouquet.

3. Design & Frame

During this stage we arrange the flowers in our floating frames. We try to incorporate at least one of each flower type in the piece so long as they are pressable.

We offer several types of flower arrangements for you to choose from - aerial view, bouquet view, stem view, etc. Depending on your bouquet type we can recommend what style would work best for you. Check out our galleries below.